Replace disposables with the Greenwear Coverall and save 60% on your visitor clothing

Discover the Greenwear Coverall

Stop throwing away expensive and polluting disposables. With the Greenwear Coverall, visitors wear clean, comfortable, and reusable visitor clothing without transmitting viruses.


The most economical and sustainable solution.

The Greenwear Coverall is the alternative to disposables. By being able to wash and reuse the Coverall 500 times, you save about 60% on visitor clothing and actively contribute to waste reduction. This way you help promote sustainability in the industry.

Safe and comfortable

The Greenwear Coverall effectively protects your horticultural company against viruses. Due to the right composition and light weight, is it very comfortable to wear the coverall. Because of a large size indication and because the Coverall dries quickly, you can wash it very efficiently.

Delivered quickly and in style

Delivered within 2 days

Wear the Coverall in no time and start saving within 2 days.

With your logo and colors

Laat de Coveralls leveren met jouw bedrijfslogo en in jouw bedrijfskleuren voor uniformiteit.

Available in all sizes

With a size range from XXS to 7XL, you always receive the Coveralls in the right sizes.

"It's sustainable, comfortable, and good for the company's image."

Mark Zwinkels from Bryte

"The biggest advantage for us is that you can use it multiple times."

Thorben Looije from Valto

Do you want a more sustainable, comfortable, and cheaper alternative to disposables?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I save with the Greenwear Coverall?

The Coverall has been tested and lasts for 500 wash cycles. So, you save on the purchase, storage, and disposal of 500 disposables.

Can I easily wash the Coverall?

Absoluut. Zowel intern als extern kun je tegen zeer lage kosten virusvrij wassen.

Is there a minimum or maximum quantity I have to order?

There is no minimum quantity. However, our supply is dependent on the stock. Do you want something bespoke like a different color, zipper, or a model in 2 colors? Then expect a minimum of 50 pieces.

Can I test a Coverall?

We have already extensively tested it, but if you want, you can also test the Coverall for free.